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Life changes. Your mattress can change with it.

Your Comfortaire comes with a 25-year limited warranty—and the unique ability to fit you perfectly for all 25 years and beyond. From starting a family to raising children, to weddings and everything in between, the beauty of adjustable support is that your mattress can change to fit your body as you move through life.
Three keys to comfort.

We know that there are three keys to creating a proper sleeping environment:

First, a mattress must offer good base support. This layer keeps sleepers from sagging too deeply into the mattress and ending up in an unnatural hammocked position.

Second, a proper sleeping surface has to include a dynamic layer that lets the sleeper control the positioning of his or her midsection. A thin layer of air close to the surface allows sleepers to adjust the level of support under their hips up and down to find the natural positions that are just right for sleeping. This natural position actually reduces stress on the skeletal system—and less stress equals better sleep.

Finally, good sleep requires surface comfort. In fact, this might be the most important key to an optimal sleeping environment. The myth that a healthy mattress is a firm mattress has been debunked, and we know now that plush mattresses actually provide the real surface comfort that is essential to good sleep. Unfortunately, traditional plush-top mattresses tend to have issues with breakdown and body impression—which means that our goal of providing a proper sleep environment is tied to our ability to create a plush, comfortable mattress surface that won’t break down over time.
Dynamic Support System.

With these three elements in mind, our patented box top design provides sturdy base support topped with a low profile air chamber that extends to the outer edges of the mattress and gives sleepers perfect control of their sleeping posture. This design is crowned with a layer of plush comfort that virtually eliminates surface pressure and stands up to the tests of time.

This formula is unique to air supported sleep:

Static Support + Dynamic Posture Control + Plush Surface Comfort = Unmatched Comfort and Durable Support that are truly designed to last for the life of the mattress. Others have tried to match our success by layering foam over the top of our original 1981 design, but their efforts only keep the sleeper that much further away from the dynamic layer of air that helps the sleeper control his or her nighttime posture. At Comfortaire we put air at the top where it belongs to deliver comfort for life.