Making sleep greener.


Making sleep greener.

As a totally biodegradable and sustainable natural product, bamboo is fast becoming the most eco-friendly material of the 21st century. Our bamboo-based rayon mattress covers are made from a fabric of 100% bamboo pulp fibers. Once harvested, bamboo is ground into a pulp from which silky soft threads are spun into a luxurious fabric stronger than any other fabric of its kind, even viscose.
Ticking with holes?

The highly absorbent mesh-like structure of bamboo fibers ensures that bamboo-based rayon fabric always feels cool and fresh. Microscopic gaps in bamboo-based rayon fibers act like natural “air conditioning,” preventing the cloth from sticking to your skin in warm weather. Its breezy microstructure also gives bamboo-based rayon ticking suppleness and a silky, luxurious feel.

We use bamboo because it has a high level of hygroscopicity (or an amazing ability to absorb moisture) and excellent permeability (which means that it also transfers moisture away from your body). Bamboo works to keep you cool in the summer and snug in the winter.
Ahhh, Fresh!

Bamboo produces an antibiosis, or a natural form of pest control, that makes it uniquely resistent to pests, bacteria, and fungi. Bamboo flourishes in nature without the help of irritating pesticides or chemicals – that is goodness from the start! The hygroscopic properties that help keep you cool in the summer also help with a fresh smelling mattress – something we can all appreciate!
The world’s first foam made from a renewable resource.

Many of our comfort foams replace a portion of the petrochemical-based ingredients with a material made from a sustainable, renewable resource – the castor plant.

About 60% of the recipe that makes traditional foam is derived from petroleum (polyols). Our comfort foam replaces a portion of the foam’s petrochemical-derived poloyols with a bio-based polyol made from the castor plant, while maintaining the performance of petroleum-based foam. In fact, our foam actually improves upon some of the performance characteristics of traditional foam. Comfortaire continues to seek out and find the next generation of sustainable-based foam. Good for the environment. Good for you.