Too Hard.

The myth still exists that customers with chiropractic issues should be on an extra firm mattress. In reality, this is about as helpful as sleeping on the floor. A mattress that is too firm leaves whole areas of your body—especially your lower back—completely unsupported. Pressure points in your hips and shoulders can leave you tossing and turning.
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Too Soft.

On the other hand, a mattress that is too soft can create a hammock effect that results in low back pain, morning headaches and a variety of new chiropractic issues.
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Just Right.

Inside the air chambers of a Comfortaire adjustable mattress, however, pressure is the same at every point. This means that our mattresses provide uniform head to toe support, dramatically reducing stress at pressure points while providing proper support for the critical back area. It’s no wonder Comfortaire has received such resounding endorsements.
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